Wednesday, December 20, 2023

And Now...My Favorite Songs of 2023 (That Didn't Come Out in 2023)

I really do love finding old music that knocks my socks off.  That rush that comes from discovering some dusty, old nugget is one of the best things about being a music collector.  And this year proved fruitful as always, giving me a dreamy '90s Japanese mix of psych folk, space rock, and shoegaze (probably my favorite thing i heard all year, new or old), UK psych organs, old soul, German psychedelic fusion, more psych rock, space rock, Canadian proto-punk, 80's synth pop, disco, and a Depeche Mode side project that for some reason i never paid attention to before.  Check it out below.

1. Shizuka - Plan for Solitude

2. Arzachel - Queen St. Gang

3. Lee Moses - What You Don't Want Me To Be

4. The Motherhood - Soul Town

5. Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Dream Starts

6. Dunebug - Speeed

7. Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing

8. Escape from New York - Save Our Love

9. Tommy Seebach - Bubble Sex

10. Recoil - Bloodline

And there you go.  Tune in tomorrow for some first-time movie watches for me from this year.

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