Thursday, December 7, 2023

Daily Jam - Don't Be Scared

During the Thanksgiving break, i purged about 150 LPs from my record collection to both clear out some space for albums i had not shelved yet and to make a little scratch for Christmas present shopping.  I do this kinda annually, and it doesn't mean that i don't like the music anymore, just that it rarely or never gets listened to and i need some space.  And this time around, it made me wonder how much physical media (vinyl, CD's, DVD's, etc.) i've procured and then resold over the years.  It's a lot.  Anyway, here's a track from a CD i once had 20 years ago that eventually succumbed to one of these purges.  Listen to "Don't Be Scared" by New York band A.R.E. Weapons below, our Daily Jam.

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