Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 1, or, Fun Fun Fun Fest I Love You, But Your Hipsters Are Bringing Me Down

Tommy (in a scene played many, many times)


Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers

Shone Knife (I would totally be a Shonen Knife groupie. What?)

Kyle of The Sword

MC Chris

No Age


Fucked Up



Day 1 was absolutely beautiful. I wanna go ahead and say that every band or group or deejay we say were fantastic. The vibe to start the day off was really fun-loving. Unfortunately that changed as the day progressed. Ok, it was really only one performance. The crowd of hipster fuck-tards at the Ratatat show were some of rudest, smelliest, douche bag assholes i have ever had the displeasure of watching a concert with. Seriously, the moshing, headbanging crowd at Fucked Up were nicer than these pieces of shit. So, i don't care how cool you think you are, if you're gonna sport a moustache, don't do it ironically. It's soulless. The thousands of you out there know who you are. And looking like a homeless man sucks. The only benefit is that it gives awesome assholes like me something to laugh about. My wife suggested the game of "Homeless or Hipster." That's why she's awesome too. And finally, to the brainless piece of shit that was yelling for the band to play a song over and over again, that can be a little difficult when the bass amplifier's not working. Next time, pull the bong out of your ass before you come to the show. Whew, that was a bit of a tirade. I apologize. On a brighter note, here are some high of the highlights:

-Les Savy fav (Who knew a big, fat, bearded, bald guy would be such an awesome front man?)
-Fucked Up
-clean Porto-Potties
-Miller High Life (The beer, as i have not yet heard of a band with the same moniker.)

Oh, and Sat: 233 lbs.


  1. Yeah, i'm posting on my own shit. So? Anyhoo, Why? actually performed on Sunday, so let's pick a new highlight for the day...MC Chris! I choose you!

  2. I choose MC Chris too because I got to dance with you and Germs/Jerms (however you spell his name).

  3. Tim Harrington is one of my great loves in life -- he never lets me down. (This is Brooke btw, it keeps linking to an old old blog of mine and i can't get it to stop) :)