Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2, or, It's Hard To Hold A Camera In The Cold November Rain

This Will Destroy You

Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound (Somebody get this guy a fucking burrito!)

Atlas Sound

So, day 2 was wet, wet, wet. I realize that every blogger, tweeter, etc. have probably used that phrase or a variation there of. Please forgive me, but i have a sore throat from standing in the cold rain for 8 hours. This put a serious damper in my picture-taking ability, but fun was still had. Paige and i spent a good hour watching one muddy hill and the scores of people who ate shit trying to cross it. There were some spectacular falls, some spectacular saves, a pizza disaster, and, oh yeah, some music too. Here's the highlights:
-Atlas Sound
-Why? (I realize that i said Why? was a highlight on day 1, but they actually played on Sunday. I guess they were so good, they warped my fucking mind!)
-Mission Of Burma playing "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"
-The smoke and lights rave-up that is The Crystal Castles
-Brian Posehn's stand-up
-Brian Posehn bobbing his head watching Torche
-Brian Posehn bobbing his head in the mud with the rest of us schlubs at Danzig
-Motherfucking Danzig
-Eating a pizza and taking a shower!

Sun: 232 lbs.
Mon: 233 lbs.

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