Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh Lordie, Who's i gonna see at Fun Fun Fun Fest 09

I'm sure no one really cares, but if you're at Waterloo Park in Austin this weekend, here's where you'll find me. Oh, and my dog just totally burped.


After waking up at 6:30 to go to work on a day that i asked off for over 3 months ago, banging my head against a desk for 4 hours, eating a taco or something, and drinking as much beer as possible before battling football fans (of which i am a member) and tailgaters for any available parking spots in the downtown area, i'll mosey on over to:

-Crystal Antlers at the Orange stage.
-I'll flip a coin and go to Shonen Knife at the Orange stage or VEGA at the Blue.
-MC Chris at the Blue, but it would be cool to see The Sword over at Black.
-No Age at the Orange
-Death at the Orange
-A real toss up for Neon Indian at Blue, Yeasayer at Orange, or Fucked Up at Black.
-Les Savy Fav at Orange.
-Then, do i watch part of Ratatat at Orange, or Jesus Lizard at Black, before finally shakin' my booty over to Blue for Pharcyde!

Then it's home to my burpy dog, more beer, and a couple of odd movies we picked up per the Alamo Drafthouse's suggestion.


There will be some park time for the dog, as well as some delicious taste explosions wrapped in tortillas (breakfast burritos from Casa Di Consuela on Burnet Rd. - try the avocado, potato, egg, and cheese or the chorizo, potato, egg, and cheese - you'll be full all day long). Then it's off to:

-This Will Destroy You at Orange, immediately followed by...
-Fuck Buttons, also at Orange.
-Atlas Sound at Orange. See the most appallingly skinny indie darling on the circuit! On a side note, if i wasn't such a fan of Atlas Sound, i'd totally be over at Yellow, watching Metallagher shred "Master of Puppets" whilst smashing watermelons.
-WHY? at Orange or Harlem at Yellow? Hmmmm.
-Broadcast at Orange. Man, is it me, or does the Orange stage have my shit all over it? Yah!
-Here's the most difficult choice of the weekend: Health at Blue? The King Khan and BBQ Show at Yellow? Torche at Black? Mission of Burma at Orange? What would you do?
-Crystal Castles at Orange.
-Brian Posehn at Yellow. Sorry GZA. I'll try to make it up to you.
-MOTHERFUCKING DANZIG at Black. Of Montreal, i'll miss you, but will think of you often when craving Outback Steakhouse.
-If they're still on, i guess i'll dance with the strobe lights and lasers out of the park to Kid Sister. Who? Yeah, i didn't know either.

And then more burpy dogs, and sleep, and work the next day. Fart.

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