Monday, November 16, 2009

A hibernating bear awakens after several days

I've lost count of what days i missed with the weight update, but for today,
Mon: 232 lbs.

I guess you don't lose weight when you're eating your mom's food for a day. Ahh, bacon, sweet, sweet bacon, how i missed thee. So, still reeling from the cold/flu (although no swine were to be found), and i haven't worked out in over a week. Feeling a little bit like a bum, but hey, what do you do?

Longhorns still undefeated. Booyah! Saints still undefeated. Booyah again! And the Colts beat the Patriots last night in 4 of the finest minutes of football i've ever seen. 4th and 2! Booyah!

(I'm gonna stop saying "booyah" now. I don't think it really works for me. How about Cowabunga?)

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