Monday, March 15, 2010

Mega Man 2

After a reading an article yesterday about the Mega Man video game franchise, i felt compelled to write about it myself. First, a quick disclaimer. I am in no way a gamer or any kind. I enjoy video games, but my evolution came to a halt after the original XBox (although we do have a Wii). So, i guess it should come as no surprise that my favorite video game of all time is from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I think we got Mega Man 2 when i was in 4th grade, and i played the proverbial hell out of it everyday for years.

Seriously, there's nothing to dislike about the game. At the time, the graphics were pretty much groundbreaking, the game play was simple, it improved on the first Mega Man game in every way, the music was fantastic (more on that in a bit), and more than anything else, it was just fun.

So, you can have your Halo's and your Grand Theft Auto's and your Call of Duty's and whatnot. I'll take Mega Man over all of them any day. Dr. Wiley's going down!

For a really killer rock cover of most of the Mega Man 2 music, check out The Minibosses. They put out an album called "Brass" with a bunch of Nintendo covers, but nothing quite compares to Mega Man 2. The CD's not available on their site anymore, but they are kind enough to offer free mp3s.

Also, you should be able to find a ton of other video game music cover bands. Some of them are a lot of fun.

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