Monday, March 29, 2010


Comicpalooza was a lot of fun. Bruce Campbell was really funny and cool (didn't get any pics though, hrmph!), found some great comics (Miracleman yo!), met Ben Templesmith and got a killer Jesus as zombie slayer print, and actually found Rob Liefeld endearing during his Q & A.

(Note to non-comic nerds: Liefeld is a very divisive writer/artist/publisher in the comics arena. Generally you either love him or hate him.)

(I was always part of the latter group, but he seemed like an OK guy, so i guess my world has been thoroughly rocked.)

Here's some pics:

Paige being awesome

Peter "Chewbaca" Mayhew and me (he's absolutely enormous)

Paige and me and James Hampton (the dad from "Teen Wolf")

Ben "Paige's new favorite person" Templesmith

What's a comic book convention without one of these guys (a whole bunch of storm troopers played laser tag together during the convention...quite possibly one of the nerdiest/coolest things i've ever seen)

Can't wait to go to another one. Excelsior!!!


  1. Ben Templesmith is my new best friend. Sorry Tommy and Cami, but it is true.

  2. Ben was very dapper indeed. Bruce Campbell rocked his Q&A. Your wife propositioned Xander. Ellie and I are now "obsessed" with was a great geekfilled weekend!