Sunday, April 28, 2024

Daily Jam - Drunk Girls

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is my go to example and inspiration for when I start to feel like I’m too old to attempt or accomplish something, audio encouragement for my artistic endeavors. The man was already 35 when the first LCD Soundsystem LP was released, and he was well aware of those years he had on many of his peers and contemporaries. He embraced it and continues to. In a lot of ways, his work has served as a kind of conduit for me to project my encroaching (and now current) middle age insecurities into, Murphy providing a gleaming example of aging, if not gracefully, then at least with a modicum of cool resignation to the fact and with middle fingers still somewhat in the air. As the artist is now over 50, and I brace myself for my upcoming adventures in the land of upper 40 year-olds, I wait with excited anticipation for his band’s return to the fold later this year (2017's American Dream). And based on the first two singles, “American Dream” in particular, it appears that he’ll be providing even more motivation for me.

But before all that, way back in 2010 when we all thought This Is Happening was to be his swan song, Murphy and Co. laid down an all-out party jam that belied his age, the fun, bouncing, hyperactive and indispensable “Drunk Girls.” Wound tight and released, the song combs post punk, new wave, and disco pop for a toe tapping, head bobbing aesthetic, silliness abounding and with a quick, jumpy brevity you don’t normally get from your regular LCD Soundsystem output. The band’s influences are well represented here, as they usually are, with nods to David Bowie being some of the most evident. Bowie worship can be found all through Murphy’s back catalog, and really nowhere more so than on this Lodger-esque stomper.

So, drop the needle, press play, and sing along.

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