Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daily Jam - Lions

This column was originally published in January of 2017.

Last year's divine shittiness has been thought about and dwelled upon and writ into the stars ad nauseam to the point that to decry it even further seems utterly derivative and clich├ęd. It changes nothing. It helps no one. And it certainly doesn't add anything to the table for discussion or dissent. It simply is what it is. Unfortunately that same shittiness hangs over this new year (and every year since) like an ominous cloud, casting dark and frightening shadows across everything for all to behold and tremble. And that's no way to begin a new year.

So, despite all that tomorrow will bring, or the day after that, or the day after that, I want us to move forward with as much positive energy as humanly possible. I want us to look at the big, scary unknown in front of us and confront it head on, confident and assertive, determined and proactive. We can do this. But, we need some music to bring us all together first. And for that, I give you "Lions," the 2007 track from the album of the same name by UK indie rock back Jonquil.

Playing almost like a sea shanty or barroom chorus, "Lions" feels like an uplifting anthem, a melodic mantra meant to be sung together, arms around each other, voices in the air, hope and joy in our hearts, and beers on the table. It's like a pre-game warmup, or a post-game celebration. Grab and hold your teammates, your friends, your family close and love one another. We're all in this together.

Listen below, our Daily Jam.

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