Monday, April 1, 2024

Daily Jam - Everything You've Done Wrong

TV has melted our brains. Video games have warped our perceptions. Social media and the cellular age have skewed our interpersonal relationships. And movies have shaped and molded our personalities beyond our grasp or scope. We search for connections in fictional characters, drawing parallels between archetypes, ourselves, and those we surround ourselves with. We assign on screen characteristics and quirks to our groups of friends and we soundtrack our lives with pop music and instrumental cues. We live in a false reality. We make believe.

But I’m not criticizing. I’m just commenting. I’m well aware that I do all of the above, my senses and (sub) consciousness forever affected by everything both true and fictional that my eyes and ears have taken in. And that’s okay. It just means I’m another 20th century baby making my way through an increasingly digital world. It’s perfectly normal that I recognize traits that my friends or I share with some on air personality. (Though I must add that 25 years ago, a girl I know did try to determine which Friends character I was because there is no God and the world is a gray and dead place.) And it’s also normal (probably) to experience life as if it was some grand, epic film about you.

That being said, whenever the montage scene in the movie of me plays, I’m pretty sure it will be scored by the perennially underrated Canadian power pop rock band Sloan’s 1996 jam “Everything You’ve Done Wrong.”

From the excellent 60’s rock indebted album One Chord to Another, “Everything You’ve Done Wrong” kicks in with Mariachi horns and an instantly infectious acoustic guitar riff. It demands your foot to tap or your head to sway. It demands that you sing along. It demands hand claps. Set to an affable sequence of scenes that sees me making mistakes or screwing things up but then finding cheer and support from friends and loved ones, the song will perfectly encapsulate the pure stream of corn playing in my head at this very minute. It’s cheese, but it’s beautiful.

On it’s own though, separated from my imaginary montage, the song operates as about as pure a piece of pop music as you could hope for. It’s hooky as hell, fun, and easily worms its way into ears and mind for all eternity. And I will happily continue to soundtrack my days to its wonderful melody.

Listen below, our Daily Jam.

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